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new blog:

this blog is so old. it does not even represent who i am as a person anymore. lol.

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Tres Leches

So one thing that The Pioneer Woman has taught me via her website is how to make a Tres Leches cake. I don’t know where it originally comes from but it’s a moist milky cake that you’d find in a Mexican Pastry Shop. It’s DELICIOUS!

I gave it a shot on Halloween and didn’t look back. I was armed with my ingredients and my cute Apron. :D


Since it was the first time trying it out and I didn’t have the recipe memorized, it was rather time-consuming. I’m so used to making cakes out of a box. Everything was from scratch, except for the heavy whipping cream. I didn’t whip that up on my lonesome. It was a hit! Everybody loved it. It was gone by the time the weekend was over. I made another one this weekend and I was just foaming at the mouth to get a piece of Tres Leches cake into my belly! MMM MMM MMM!

Wanna give it a try? You’ll have fun, I know you will!

Here is the link to her recipe. For the most part she shows you how to make things step by step with pictures. I LOVE IT!

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She is here…

I was so happy when I recieved my copy of The Pioneer Woman’s first and new cookbook. I looked through the pages outside in the crisp fall air. It felt so nice. I can’t wait to start cooking!


She recommends some basic things she has on hand when she cooks. She listed the following:

Butter (check!), Iron Skillet (I need one!), A good mixer (Kitchen Aid – I want one when I get married. They’re expensive so people can get together and all pitch in to get me one for all I care!) Kosher salt (check!), Dutch oven (I need one!), commercial baking sheets (check!), seasoned salt (check!), and stainless slotted spoons (I need one!)

All right, I have 4 out of 8. Woo hoo!

I didn’t know what a dutch oven was until I saw it in her book. They come in so many colors.


However, I think I would rather have aqua or pastel colored stuff. Probably more aqua. Look, isn’t this a wonderful color? I’d want something like this:

le-cruset-dutch-oven-2*drool* I want!


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2 more days!

I am obsessed with cooking! I haven’t done much of it yet but I sure do day dream about it! I am going to be receiving this book in a couple of days.

PWThis lady is amazing! I love her blog. Her recipes are literally photographed step by step. Although it won’t be AS step by step in her cookbook, there are tons of pictures to help me out. Which I’m excited about.


She is a Godsend considering I want to learn how to cook for my man.  I have all the tools that I need to learn how to cook, just need the dang book. Borders here in town won’t carry it for a while, but it’s out today. So I pre-ordered it and it should be here by Thursday. WOOT WOOT!

She, Ree is her name, was on The Bonnie Hunt show yesterday and shared 3 recipes. It was a lot of fun seeing her sense of humor through the TV screen; it’s the same on her blog too.

An added bonus is that she cooks “Okie” food as James calls it. Ree is from Oklahoma, you see, and that is where James roots are. His mom was taught how to cook “Okie” food and that’s what he’s grown up on…so I hope I do it justice. :D

2 more days!

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Buzz kill!

Buzz kill to the tenth power. I came to school with every intention of blogging, checking e-mail, sneaking in my lunch (I’m in a study room in the library), and then studying for my midterm. I get to an empty study room and set it all up. Laptop out and power supply plugged in, check! Math notebook, calculator, notes, and pencil out, check! Water bottle and banana out (light breakfast), check! Later on I’d bust out my honey ham sandwich, my 100 calorie pack of pringles, and yogurt and really stick it to the “No food. Water Only” rule. My mouth watered just thinking of my yummy lunch.

Then the door opens, crap.

A guy wants to share the study room. But I can’t tell if he’s a square or not. I’ve tested him while I ate my100 calorie pack of fig newtons minis in strawberry flavor; it takes like a damn nutri grain bar. I have a ton of those at home. Thank goodness I also bought a pack of the original fig newtons too. Anywho, he hasn’t said anything yet about the no food rule. I am leaving my green banana (I LOVe green bananas!) out, defiantly, in case it bothers him. I hope he leaves soon but if not, then I hope he joins me and eats his lunch in here too.

Oh well, I just keep the picture of my love and I kissing up and just swoon a bit. Oh how I love that man and he’s all mine. :D



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My Inspiration

Elisa posted a recipe for delicious pumpkin muffins on facebook and I thought it sounded really delicious so I checked it out! It was a beautiful website full of wonderful recipes, a lot of gorgeous country photographs, and entertaining stories about a lady named Ree living out in the middle of nowhere along with her Cowboy Marlboro Man husband and her 4 children. I’m hooked! Check it out for yourself: The Pioneer Woman

She has many recipes on her website but she also has a new and her first cookbook coming out on the 27th of this month. I am going to order it so I can sit down with James and see which ones he’d like me too try first. :)

Here is what I bought in the meantime for when I start cooking for my love.

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I am taking a Chicano History course this semester. My family comes from Jalisco, Mexico and according to a member of the church who served his mission there, that’s where the most beautiful women of Mexico come from. hahaha. Hey, I’ll take it!


Anywho, I am learning a lot in this class. We went over the Mayan people first and then this week we’re learning about the Aztecs.

As a young child I was exposed to these sort of images. They really intrigued me as a child. I thought the Warrior was strong and the lady was beautiful.


But I have to be honest with you, I really don’t know for sure if we’re Aztec or if we’re some sort of blend of different people. I am having a hard time with my genealogy and would really like to know. Thankfully I am blessed to have James in my life when it comes to Genealogy, among other reasons! He’s really good at it and even showed me the programs he uses and his family tree for just the Muskogee ancestors! It is so nice!

I have to admit that taking this class, for just a few weeks so far, has proven something to me. I don’t know anything about anything when it comes to where I come from and the culture. I feel the need like it’s my duty to learn all that I can and be extremely proud of where and what my ancestors have gone through and survived. Then I want to teach it to my children. James is extremely proud to be Muskogee Creek Indian, Scottish, and Irish. He’s extremely knowledgeable about all of their ways/stories and he plans to teach our children those things, so it’s only fair and right that I have the same privilege to let them know about where I come from so they know just how rich their past is. Their ancestors consist of brave, strong, and smart people and it still runs in their veins. Listen to me, I’m talking as if they’re already born. James and I have to create them first! LOL.

Anyway back to the subject at hand.

I’m learning about the Mayan people and that was pretty cool. Then I learned about the Aztecs this past week.


The Aztecs were out there! Their religious devotion was INSANE! I will spare you the details of what I’ve read in my reader/textbook and what I’ve seen in old drawings and dramatizations (is that the correct word?) in documentaries. I am completely blown away.

I still have more to learn. I’m scared. HAHA.

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